Tutorial: Installing a Kodi Build

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Tutorial: Installing a Kodi Build

Post by Admin on Fri Nov 11, 2016 3:10 pm

Areswizard/Pulse build

Step one: Open Kodi go to System/File Manager/Add Source
Step two: First box enter this address Http://areswizard.co.uk
Step three: Second box enter a name for the folder .ares Then click ok.
Step four: Go back to System and click on Addons/Install from Zip/.ares folder
Step five: Then install the ares wizard plug-in .zip
Step six: Then return back to System/Addons/Install from repository, then install Ares Wizard
Step seven: Once it is installed go to Programs/Ares Wizard, it will then ask to be updated. Click ok it will then update. When it completes click on it again.
Step eight: Open Ares then click browse builds and select Pulse.
Now a window will open stating get pin , enter pin. On your phone browser and type in bit.ly/getbuildpin then enter the pin you are given.
Step nine: Then click Pulse CCM then install follow the prompts. click ok for back up and then click ok to reset kodi or close Kodi.
Step ten: Open kodi and Pulse should come up on the screen. Allow the Addons to Update, then you should be all done.

Any issues reply here.


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