How to install HD Box add-on...

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How to install HD Box add-on...

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:29 am

Now to install HD Box you must go to System /file manager/ add source
Then inside the first box type in
Then click done and in the 2nd box type in .srp then click done.
Now go back and click system/add-ons/ install from zip/ select the folder .Srp /click on Jarvis/ categories/ video/ then click on the zip and install.
Then go back and in system click add-ons then click search and type in HD Box you should see it pop up possibly the second one then click on it to install. Then when done you can go to system/video add-ons and locate HD Box and you are all set. Any questions reply down her in this topic thank you.


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