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Update Kodi

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:03 pm

If you have Es file explorer, you should if not download it from the app store in the home screen on your firestick.
Open Es file explorer/favorites/add
images upload

Where it says Path: type in http://Kodi.tv/download
Where it says Name: type in Kodi. Then click ok
upload image free

Then go back to favorites and scroll down to
Kodi and click on it. It will then open the download section of the Kodi website.
upload image free

Then work the remote buttons to highlight (arm) where it says Android. And click on it a few times until it downloads
upload image free

Then click open file
upload image free

Then click install
upload image free

Scroll down then click install again. Then when down installing you can open Kodi and it will be updated to the latest version.


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